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Publication Mission Statement


The editorial team of this publication, with gratitude for the caring and support provided to the Christian Brothers and their ministries, are happy to present  this  quarterly  newsletter.  We  offer Lasallian  Notes to members of  the Lasallian family  who  have  been  good  friends to the Brothers, some in a wide variety of ways. Within these pages, we hope to stir fond memories, inform of current happenings and achievements, and widen understanding of  the  scope of our ministries. We do these things in order to reinforce the bond shared with  you in  the  mission of the Founder, Saint  John  Baptist  de La Salle. Through this  publication, we  attempt  to  play  our  part  in  helping  to  strengthen  and  grow the Lasallian ministries, and support  the  Brothers in their efforts  to  serve  and help others  throughout  the  District and the world. As this says, you are the reason we publish this newsletter. Serving you, and  all of  those  who  have  benefited  from a Lasallian  education, is why the Brothers  are  here. 


Live Jesus in our hearts!

Patrick J. Donahue Director of Advancement


About Saint LaSalle Auxiliary

The Saint La Salle Auxiliary was established in 1956 to assist the Brothers financially in their educational works, in the training of their young members, and in providing the necessary care for the sick and retired Brothers. The Saint La Salle Auxiliary distributes Memorial Enrollment Folders and sympathy cards, as well as various cards for the living. Those enrolled share in the spiritual merits of the prayers and works of the Brothers and their associates.

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District of Eastern North America

The District of Eastern North America (DENA) is a community of over 240 Brothers of the Christian Schools and 5,000+ Lasallian partners and associates, who together sponsor and operate more than 30 ministries in the northeast region of the United States and Toronto, Canada.


Schools and ministries provide a Lasallian Education and reach from Warren Michigan, to Pawtucket Rhode Island, and from Toronto Canada, to Washington DC and Florida.


DENA originally began as three legacy districts (Baltimore, Long Island-New England, New York) and merged to better reflect the current reality of our Lasallian Mission and association among our students, partners, and Brothers throughout  the Northeast.


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